Monday, October 12, 2009

Life Post-'s blustery beautiful out there!!

So, here I am, where I've been for the past 5 months on this sabbatical to the U.S., from my post in Madagascar. I'm enjoying a day wandering around my old alma mater, Ohio University, where I come to relive the dreams I conceived in the past and creating new ones to come in the near future. This place gives me that inspiration and sparks something funky inside my soul!!!! It really is magical (like Jacob's Field!! :)) Although I do admit to feeling a wee bit older than the average spring chicken walkin' around these parts, I know I deserve to be enjoying this foliage- filled farm of both country and city living commodities- which Athens County and the surrounding areas offer. The beauty of the bright n. beauuutiful, bountiful changing leaves- which shower me with the Crayola colors of Creation, as I enjoy the crisp leaves under my feet on a nice brisk n. breezy walk with my dog, Tung, in this balance of smoky smells and fab foliage, this Autumn has been a wonderlust!!! And I have to say , that despite this craaaaaazy concoction of feelings that I've had since being evacuated in May, I'm grateful to God for giving me this time to spend with my closest friends and family. Amazing things have happened in these past few months, and it would not have been right for me not to experience them. I knew the whole time, and was encouraged by sooo many other people- that everything would work out!!! And that's all I had to hang on to- during the evacuation from such a perfect site in Mada; to almost transfering to Guinea- western Africa, before that frightful visit to the dentist in S. Africa; to coming home to America after just 8 months, after thinking I'd be in Africa for 2 1/2 years & not having a clue what to do, while bumming around here in the States. I knew I couldn't look for a "real"job because I didn't want to commit to anything, "just in case" I could get reinstated to Radagascar. But then again, how long can I just sit around and wait for something to happen? Well, I remember going to visit my dear friend and mentor , Jann McComb's, this past June down in Kannapolis, and her telling me that all the waiting is part of the Plan. Thanks for the good advice, Jann, I really think it was. I was supposed to be enjoying all this time to focus and friends/ fam, until it works out for me to get reinstated- which Lord willing, I will Nov. 15th!!! :) This really is my dream come true, but I know I can't hold my breath. Peace Corps notified a small group of us in August, that things have been ok in Mada and we could return the end of September. Well....many of you know that supposed negotion talks/ rallies between the divided political parties (TGV v. Ravolamanana) could have gotten nasty....well...not surprising these talks never happened and things have not gotten violent- as they did back in February. But PC couldn't take a chance with sending us there with that rumor, which I def. don't blame, so delayed our reinstatement 45 days. That brings me to around today, Lord willin', just 34 days from a group of 14 of us to return to our daily duties as Peace Corps Volunteers in Madagascar; We are resilient, active, passionate, understanding &empathetic Americans, excited to work and collaborate with our fellow Malagasy villagers, to make their lives sustainably better- and helping them to empower themselves- for their access to clean water, healthcare, education, and opportunity. Soo....let's cross our fingers that reinstatement REALLY happens this time...and I will be able to continue my adventures , which I love to share with y'all through my writings. Cheers**** Go Bobcats/ Browns/ Buckeyes/ Bluestreaks/ Wonders!!!!